DOJ probes allegations that Tiversa faked data breaches

Previously, we reported on the FTC’s fight with LabMD over data security.  As part of that coverage, we noted the testimony of former Tiversa employee, Richard Wallace, which alleged that Tiversa had given the FTC doctored evidence purporting to prove consumer data breaches. DOJ/FBI Investigate Tiversa Now it appears that the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) […]

No data security victims spells trouble for FTC’s case; LabMD claims in 86-page briefing

In the latest round of litigation concerning the FTC’s data security case against LabMD, Inc., LabMD, in an 86-page filing, has argued that the FTC has failed to produce even one data breach victim or to detail what data security standards govern health companies.  LabMD said in its filing that the FTC’s complaint is built […]

Former Employee Claims Tiversa Extorted Clients, Including LabMD

Mr. Wallace’s statements were shocking to say the least, and did more than just accuse Tiversa of providing inaccurate data to the FTC on the LabMD breach.