HHS website usability guidelines used by FTC to allege misleading marketing practices

Trial began on last week for a deceptive advertising suit against DirecTV in which the FTC’s opening statements asked the Court to award $3.95 in damages to consumers.

Workshop on “cross-device tracking” shows FTC is trying to keep up with emerging marketing technology

In mid-November 2015, the FTC hosted a workshop on “cross-device tracking.”  Cross-device tracking is the practice of associating a person’s online activities across multiple devices to create a single marketing profile. FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez provided opening remarks at the workshop before turning the program over to Justin Brookman, FTC Policy Director, Office of Technology, […]

The Creation of IdentityTheft.gov and The Cybersecurity Attack at the OPM

The FTC recently launched IdentityTheft.gov, a new resource aimed at making it easier for identity theft victims to report and recover from identity theft.

Washington Post: Evolution of the FTC’s role

This morning’s Washington Post has an interesting piece about the evolution of the Federal Trade Commission:  “The FTC was built 100 years ago to fight monopolists; now it’s Washington’s most powerful technology cop,” the article begins. The article mentions that, in the past, the FTC has at times been accused of overreaching, at one point even leading […]