DeVry University becomes latest for-profit university victim

The FTC announced late last week that it had reached a $100 million settlement with for-profit giant DeVry University over charges that DeVry misled prospective students.

Pyramid scheme or not: Herbalife to pay $200M

The nearly four-year battle between the FTC and Herbalife has come to an end.  In mid-July, Herbalife agreed to pay $200 million to compensate consumers to settle charges that Herbalife “deceived consumers into believing they could earn substantial money selling diet, nutritional supplement, and personal care products,” the FTC said in a recent press release.  […]

Warner Bros. settles charges over influencer campaign

The FTC has recently focused its enforcement efforts on influencer campaigns.  An influencer campaign, instead of marketing a product directly to a consumer, inspires, hires, or pays influencers to market a product to a larger consumer base.  While an influencer campaign may be an effective way to market a product to a greater number of […]

Suspended judgment, “avalanche clauses,” and the FTC; Arizona federal judge lifts suspended judgment in HCG case

From time to time you will read that, when the FTC has settled a case, any potential monetary judgment is “partially suspended based on the defendants’ inability to pay.”  The FTC refers to allowing settling defendants to avoid paying a judgment in full as a suspended judgment.  However, if a settling defendant was less than […]