Finally: A Statute of Limitations on FTC Disgorgement Actions?

On June 5, 2017, the Supreme Court of the United States decided Kokesh v. SEC, No. 16-529, holding that disgorgement claims must be commenced within five years of the claims’ accrual because such claims operate as penalties.

Petition Asks FTC to Investigate “Abusive and Predatory” Practices of Fast Food Franchisers

The fast food industry has been jolted by several recent strikes, protests, and lawsuits. The industry needs to brace itself for the scrutiny of the FTC.

Philip Reitinger Sues FTC Over Refusal to Disclose Data Security Policies

Philip Reitinger sued the FTC Under The Freedom of Information Act for refusing to turn over information about how it decides to bring data security cases.

YouTube Kids App Attracting More Than the “Curious Little Minds” Google was Hoping for

A group of privacy and children’s rights advocates asked the FTC “to investigate whether Google’s YouTube Kids app violates Section 5 of the FTC Act.”

FTC and New York AG Tag Team to Beat Up on Abusive Debt Collectors

The FTC and New York AG Eric Schneiderman have joined forces, and have filed two joint complaints against two Buffalo-based debt collection companies.