DeVry University becomes latest for-profit university victim

The FTC announced late last week that it had reached a $100 million settlement with for-profit giant DeVry University over charges that DeVry misled prospective students.

LeadClick liable for deceptive content it did not create

In a recent a case before the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the second circuit was faced with the issue of whether online advertiser, LeadClick Media, LLC, is liable under the FTC Act for deceptive content it did not create.  Ultimately, the second circuit concluded that online advertisers like LeadClick could be held liable […]

Common carriers beyond FTC’s reach, 9th Circuit says

Early last week the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals dropped a bomb on the FTC when it held that all common carriers are exempt from the FTC’s jurisdiction, even if those common carriers are engaged in “non-common carrier” activities.  The Ninth Circuit’s decision in FTC v. AT&T Mobility LLC firmly rejected the FTC’s prior interpretation […]